What you need to know about our mirrors

These colorful mirrors are real eye-catchers for your interior. If you like striking and shiny objects, then these statement pieces are exactly what you are looking for!

The mirrors consist of two layers; the top layer consists of separate ( laser-cut) forms of (mirror) acrylic. All these separate parts are put together like a complex puzzle and glued by hand to a base layer of MDF.

The subjects of these mirrors are all colorful and graphic, tending to pop art. They evoke memories of youth and carefree times that automatically bring a smile to your face.

When (sun)light falls on your mirror, it is reflected in a beautiful and colorful way. This gives a very cool and playful disco effect! Give your mirror a sunny spot, or grab your flashlight and play with it!

Hanging your mirror is easy peasy, you don't even need a drill! If you can hammer a nail into the wall, you're already there! With the hanging cap on the back you can hang the mirror tightly against the wall on a nail (or screw).

Keep your mirror clean and shiny

Mirrors La Miséto

  • Remove dust with a lint-free cloth
  • With a chamois leather cloth and some warm water and washing-up liquid you will get a streak-free shine. Dampen the cloth slightly and wipe the surface lightly, do not apply too much pressure when wiping as too much pressure will cause scratches.
  • Then simply let it air dry or use a soft microfiber or mirror cloth to gently wipe the mirror dry

DO NOT USE GLASSEX! Using such products can cause damage to your mirror.

PLEASE NOTE: acrylic is a fairly soft material. This may cause slight imperfections to occur during the production process. These are tiny dots that are only visible from very close up. These are not errors but are part of the production process.

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