About La Miséto


My name is Karin Mastenbroek. After working as a graphic designer for almost 15 years, I was introduced to a laser machine in 2017 and fell in love instantly.

In 2019 I founded La Miséto and made my first collection with the help of this magical machine. From all the creations I make, I get a smile on my face, and I hope you do too! If you love color and you also have a bit of humor then chances are that you will also be happy with these designs!

I am always looking for unexpected combinations of light and color and weave craft and modern techniques together in the production process. I get inspiration from nature, architecture, art and design. All items are designed and handmade by me, born from experimentation, research, play and love ♥

I am also happy to help you create and personalize your own design! Take a look at my other website La La Laser Studio.


Also check out this nice interview that Mariko from Happlifymade of me!


La Miséto interview Happlify