Under the name La Miséto, graphic designer Karin Mastenbroek designs and makes reflective and shiny (interior) accessories. Her collection consists of colorful wall mirrors, striking brooches and pins.

Love and lasers

After working as a graphic designer for 15 years, Karin was introduced to a laser machine in 2017 and immediately fell in love.

Her designs consist of many different separate shapes that are cut out per color by a laser machine. Together they form a complex puzzle that is put together by hand with a lot of attention and love.


The designs are colorful, playful, graphic and sometimes with a touch of pop art. Designs that refer to youth and carefree times, that put a smile on your face. Graphic and playful; designed to make you smile!

Characteristic of all designs is the use of reflective material. It reflects the light which creates beautifully colored shadows, making the designs 'live' and interactive. The reflections are playful and move with the light, so they are real eye-catchers!