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mirror shapes

Spiegelende wandhangers

Mirror Shapes are colorful mirrors, true eyecatchers for your interior!

If you like birght and shiny objects, these statement pieces are for YOU!

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Mirror Shapes are unique and handmade. Click on the links to see the 'making of'!

Lucky lips

Bite Me consists out of 13 seperate elements of which the biggest (the red lips) are made out of mirrored acrylics!

Bite Me costs €124 (incl EU VAT) and can be ordered HERE

look at me

Eye See You consists out of 5 seperate elements of which 3 shapes are made out of mirrored acrylics: the yellow, blue and pink.

Eye See You costs €124 (incl EU VAT) and can be ordered HERE

Making some ice

Ice Ice consists out of 24 (!) seperate shapes! The blue frame, the pink dripping and the blue sprinkles are all made out of mirrored acrylics. The stick is of course made out of wood!

Ice Ice costs €169 (incl EU VAT) and can be ordered HERE

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With every Mirror Shape you'll receive a free cleaning kit and instructions!///