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It started with an eye...
This beautiful project all started with the Mirror Shape Eye See You . Of all the mirror hangers, this one is your most favorite, for some people it is because of the colors, for other people it is just a funny eye. For Klasiena, this eye has a very personal meaning, and that was also the reason she wanted this eye. Her son has a rare eye disease, and 'the eye' currently plays a major role in the life of her family.

As a designer it is such a nice compliment that you can mean something to people with your work, best feeling ever
Klasiena is an artist and lives and works on Schiermonnikoog. Together with her husband she runs KunstFaam there: a shop, open studio, craft paradise, cozy space with vintage furniture where you can view art. That sounds like a wonderful place, doesn't it?!
The store recently has a La Miséto corner! Here you will find items that I designed especially for KunstFaam: from small brooches to large mirror hangers, from window hangers to look at, to wooden coloring pages to get started with! Everything with a Schiermonnikoog theme, of course!
What a dream assignment this was, where everything was perfect from start to finish. A fantastic collaboration that I am very proud of, and which shows me that with La Miséto I can reach the nicest and nicest people!

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