Every La Miséto item is made by my hands. Some products have a very intense production-process which takes up a lot of time. I make those products in batches, and some of these specific products can be ordered as pre-orders once they're sold out.

So, in a nutshell:

What is a pre-order?
It's a way to reserve our hottest new products when they are temporarily out of stock.

When will my pre-order be shipped?
Your pre-ordered item will be shipped when it's ready :-)
You can check the latest shipping date on the productpage. If, due to unexpected circumstances, the date changes, i'll alert you by email.

When will I be charged for my pre-order?
You will pay for the pre-order items up front, when you place your order.
What if i order pre-order items AND items that are in stock?
All items will be processed for shipment at the same time, that way we'll keep shippingcosts low and our carbon footprint small. So if you ordered other items along with the pre-ordered item, you will receive them at the same time. If for whatever reason, you'll need the other items first, contact me by e-mail to see what's possible.
Can I cancel a pre-order?
You can cancel a pre-order (and receive a full refund) at any time prior to when your order is available to ship.


Any questions?
Contact me! I'll be happy to awnser your questions!